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How to find your first customers

How to find your first customers

Whether you’re doing a website for your business or a boutique, one of the most difficult tasks is getting your first real customers. A real customer is more defined by someone who needs your products or services and not a family member or friend who wants to encourage you. There are many ways to make yourself known, however, you must make sure to use the best ones to reach the right clientele for you. how to find your first customer Where to start?

Who are your products or services for?

First and foremost, you need to know who you work for and what needs your products or services meet. It’s the base of your business or your shop. So it’s important to do market research before you even create your website or business to see if your project is viable.

If you take the time to learn about your competitors and your target audience, it will be easier for you to stand out. Which people do you want to target? Is it men, women, young people or retirees? Are you targeting businesses instead? Once you have found the answer to these questions, try to make a typical portrait of this person or company. What are his interests, his hobbies, his financial condition? The more you know your strengths and your customers,

Use your family and friends to find your first customer

It is very likely that your family or friends will be the first users of your products or services. It’s perfect, because they can test them and tell you what’s good or what’s working.

It is an invaluable chance to have a return before embarking. On a different note, your family and friends may be your best sellers, especially if they know and love what you do. Therefore, do not hesitate to inform them about your project. If they see that someone requires your products or services around them, they will referrer.

Your family and friends can create a network of contacts through word of mouth. Do not underestimate the impact this can make. Still today, people like to be referred to a professional or a product.

Just think of review sites like Trip Advisor or Google My Business pages. You have probably read the reviews of various products or companies before buying or doing business with someone is not it? Therefore, make your loved ones your ambassadors. so getting help from your family and friends for find your first customer.


Also, do not neglect networking events or trade shows in your area. This can give you a boost to introduce your products and make you known. Have your business card and smile on hand, then be ready to present what you are doing briefly, but interested. The real world still has plenty of opportunities to bring you.

Basic web marketing

Then, when your entire family and acquaintances know about your project, take the time to do your market research and start your business, it’s time to work on your marketing. First of all, you need a website so you can appear on the search engine results. A professional website will give you credibility, especially if you take the time to put a page about it, examples of your achievements or authentic testimonials from former satisfied customers.

When your site is done and you are happy with the result, it’s time to think about your social media. You do not have to be on all platforms, but be on those used by your target audience.

If your business sector is more artistic, such as design or photography, we suggest you opt for social platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. If you want to target professionals, it is likely that LinkedIn is a better option for you. In short, you have to be where your target audience is, it’s as simple as that.

There is also another interesting free tool that you should take the time to fill out if you start your business and want to find your first customer. This is Google My Business that we mentioned above.

Have you ever noticed when you search Google for the rectangle to the right of the results? This is a business listing and it’s free! All you need is a Google Account and a little time. This is very useful because it gathers several information about your company, as well as your evaluation.

If you can afford it, you can also run a campaign with influencersto help you make yourself known, however remember that their work requires remuneration. Again, you need to keep in mind who your customers are to find influencers who will really make a difference. Finally, you can also advertise Facebook or Google advertising to find your first customer.


In conclusion, the process of starting a business can be a dangerous adventure, but if you keep in mind that you are there to meet the needs of your target audience, everything should be fine. Offer exemplary service to all the customers you earn and it will not be long before you make recommendations and word of mouth will help you. Keep your website and social media up-to-date, and always keep some business cards on you. Be prepared, you never know where to meet a new customer!

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