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How to create your online community

online community

Why the online community If you have decided to launch your company, your blog or your online store, it is strongly because you want to make yourself  known and to be successful. As you may suspect, there are several steps to having multiple social media followers or people actively reading your blog. Although you can pay to have more likes, it is also possible to create your online community via other means. Here are some ways to help you become known on the web.

Are you ready? Build Your online community

For starters, before having your first social media followers and interacting with them, you need to make sure everything is ready. By this we mean that you must ensure that your website, your social media pages and your brand image are completed in full. We understand that you probably want to show the world what you have been working on for a long time. We also understand that you are now impatient. However, if your target audience falls on your site or your pages and they are not completed, they will simply go their way. Do not miss out on subscribers because you have failed to prepare everything until the end. You probably want to offer a professional image and not a disorganized image.

What to check on your website

We recommend that you have completed your entire Deftfino website before publishing it. Moreover, we have just a reminder of what you should check before publishing your site. In summary, you should take the time to complete each of the sections of your website, as well as to have each of the texts and images of the design replaced by yours. In short, do not leave the test texts “I am a paragraph”. Then, did you check all your buttons and links? Do your social media buttons really lead to your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page? It is possible to modify buttons and links by right-clicking on what you want to change. Customize the contact form if you wish to receive requests from your subscribers. Finally, show your site to your friends and family so that they can check everything and give their comments. Also make sure your website is free from spelling mistakesbecause these can affect your SEO, as well as your professionalism.

To check on social media

You also have to check certain elements on your social media before you can create your Online community. Did you put a professional logo as a profile picture? Have you taken the time to put a nice cover photo? It’s important to fill out all the information about your business on your social media, whether it’s linking your email address, putting your address, phone number, or a small description of what you’re doing. One of the most common mistakes on Instagram is forgetting to fill one’s bio. It will be easier for you to have Likes if your pages are attractive, is not it?

Who are you targeting? Your online network

On another line of ideas, before sharing with the whole universe that you exist, we advise you to reflect a few moments to these questions: to whom I address exactly? Who is your target audience? For whom do I make this website, this shop or this blog? It is important to know who you are talking to in advance, as this will allow you to adjust your brand and marketing to this one. 50-year-old men will not have the same interests as a 16-year-old girl. Be where your target audience is and adapt your site and social media to them too. This will help you create a Online community and target the right people.

Offer consistent, quality content

When you know who you want to talk to and you have completed the pages of your social media and your website, it’s time to post content! Whether for your blog or Facebook, to stand out and be taken seriously you must offer quality content regularly. Try to find topics that will interest your target audience. The more relevant it is, the more they will share and comment, giving you great visibility. This can be via polls, testimonials, tips, tips for example. Do not hesitate to share articles that might interest them. Keep in mind to meet their needs first and consider using beautiful visuals to capture attention!

Exit outside your circles

Once your basics are mastered, you can go looking for other potential subscribers. You can explore different keywords for example or look for groups where your articles or products might be interesting. Again, look to be relevant and to meet the needs of those affected if you do not want to be evicted because it sounds too much like advertising. You can also ask to exchange articles with other blogs or other companies. If you do, however, be sure to ask for a link to your site, either a backlink or added to your article. Participate in conversations, interact with others, and keep up-to-date in your field.

In conclusion, it is a hundred times better to have a small community with a lot of commitment than a huge community where nothing happens. Know how to bet on the right people, because it will be more pleasant to write and work for them. Take the time to complete your website and social media pages, determine who you want to talk to, and create good content that will meet different needs. It is true that it takes discipline and patience, but the solid foundation will allow you to reap deserved success over time.

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