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5 Important tips for your e-commerce Web site

5 Important tips for your e-commerce site

QUICK! If your e-commerce Web site takes too long to load, it’s over!  A delay of 1 second in the page loading time is an average of 11% fewer page views, a 16% drop in customer satisfaction and a 7% loss in the conversion rate, which is generally 7% turnover less . We do not laugh anymore! Avoid overloading your pages with too much photo album, videos, etc. Create separate pages for your multimedia content

This Tips help Grow Your e-Commerce Web site


Creating a business site without promoting it is like opening a shop in the middle of a desert. Without passing, no one will go through your door to buy … See people who click on ads like passers-by on a sidewalk. Give your e-commerce Web site a “face” by creating some advertising campaigns like Google Adwords for example. The purchase of keywords on search engines returns an average of $ 21.85 for every dollar invested in 2009, according to Global Insight. According to the March 2011 American Express OPEN search, 66% of people looking for a product or service use a search engine. 

Do not overlook product descriptions

Avoid the data sheets of the suppliers! Rather, write the descriptions yourself and make them nice! Do not forget to add more photos for your products. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! The more information the customer has, the more comfortable and reassured they will be about your product. Feel free to copy / paste testimonials into the description of your product, people’s comments are always a reassuring element.

Create newsletters

Several tools allow you to send newsletters for free (MailJet and MailChimp are good examples.) These campaigns build loyalty to customers you have already acquired. Do not forget that keeping a customer already acquired is very profitable and often cheaper than getting new customers.The sending of promotional newsletters generated an average of $ 43.62 (USD) for every dollar invested in 2009, according to the Direct Marketing Association. By regularly sending (once every 2 weeks or once a month) coupons and promotions to your registered customers, you will be assured of recurring traffic on your merchant site and maximize sales opportunities. Sending coupons and discounts for limited periods of time are excellent promotional initiatives to encourage your customers to buy back on your e-commerce Web site. 

Accessibility is paramount!

Pay attention to where you insert your shop module. Do not put it on a sub page, so you hide the tab at a glance. Accessibility to your site is the most important factor in your sales. Put a shop tab very clear or put your shop on your home, but only if it is not saturated with information. Avoid nesting too many subcategories to reach your product. The average user does not try to find what he wants: he leaves the site and goes elsewhere!

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