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A professional email, an asset!

professional email
A professional Email is included in your Web Design Package. It comes in the form … If, for example, your domain name is, then your email pro could be For a company, every opportunity is good to build credibility. Your professional email address is also part of his opportunities and for several reasons!

It is definitely more professional: Gmail, Hotmail, Orange or Yahoo! are free mailboxes, easy to access, but also overused. You often have to include numbers, dashes or periods in the prefix to find an available address. By the way, use an address like suggests that you do not have a website since an address is often included with the domain name. In addition, a Yahoo or other address does not help your credibility or your web reputation!

These providers are also subject to passing modes. A few years ago, everyone had a Hotmail address. Today, these are considered to exceed the favor of Gmail addresses, since Google is better perceived than Microsoft in the eyes of the most geek Internet users. Who knows which company will be more popular next month! With your email related to your domain, you avoid the hassle.


Why a professional email address?

It is easier to remember: If people already know the address of your site, all they have to remember is the suffix, often info, or contact … not very difficult! And even if they do not know the address, an address like is always easier than to memorize. The points, numbers and sometimes even the supplier can be the cause of error! Having the same prefix in Hotmail and Gmail, but using Hotmail only for spam, I often give my Gmail to people to realize that they send me an email on the Hotmail, without ever having mentioned to them this one! Its suppliers are interchangeable in people’s heads and so, they can try to contact you at the wrong address!

Since this address is included in your subscription, why not take advantage of it! It’s simple, practical and professional! Since the email service of Deftfino is based on webmail, you can check your emails on any computer, online, without a problem! Consult the online help to create your address now!

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