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How to use Instagram stories to boost your business

How to use Instagram stories to boost your business

With 500 million Instagram accounts using stories every day , for promote Business neglecting to publish content is certainly not the strategy to use. If you do not know Instagram stories yet, it’s time to get started. Instagram stories offer a host of possibilities in terms of the type of content to publish. It is also a significant marketing channel that is part of the web trends to follow in 2019 . In this article, we cover the basics of what a story is, and how to use it for boost your business.


Instagram stories are ephemeral content that you publish on your profile. These are photos or videos that remain on the platform for 24 hours only. Videos can last up to 15 seconds. They are displayed on your profile, as well as on the application’s homepage. For some time, Instagram has been highlighting user stories by displaying them at the top of the app’s homepage. Publishing it brings a lot of visibility to his company!

How to publish?

To publish Stories on your profile, simply go to the homepage and click on the camera icon in the top left. You will come to a page where you can capture a photo or video, or select a media in your phone. If you swipe to the left or to the right, you can change the type of Story you capture (normal, boomerang, superzoom, etc.). Each category will give you a different result. Feel free to experiment with these different types of Story! Once you have an image, you can add a filter, sliding to the left. You can also add stickers, GIFs or text. Then you just have to publish.

How to use Instagram stories for boost my business?

To effectively use Instagram stories, you must first understand that stories and regular posts are very different. You do not have to publish the same content. As the stories only last 24 hours on the platform, you can afford to publish more spontaneous content, less licked than in regular publications. Take the opportunity to publish your business’s “behind the scenes” content, introduce your employees, or publish more entertaining content. You can also take the opportunity to share your promotions!

Stories are also a great way to connect with your users. Use the features of questions, or polls to ask for the opinion of your subscribers and connect with them. You can also share the content of your users in your story. Specifically, invite them to share photos or videos using your product or visiting your locations, and have them use a predefined keyword for you to quickly find these publications. Then click on the publication you want to share, and tap the sharing icon just below the image. You will have the opportunity to share this image directly in your story. By using the content of your community, you save yourself the task of creating content for your page, in addition to involving your users. So you kill two birds with one stone.

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Analyze the return

Once the content is published, Instagram provides you with several statistics regarding the visibility your story gets, as well as the engagement. To see this information, just click on your story, like to view it, and slide up. So you have access to all the information regarding the views, the interactions, as well as the actions taken following your story. It’s important to take a look from time to time to see what kind of content works best, and how your subscribers react.

Here! Now, all you have to do is experiment with this great Instagram feature. Keep in mind to stay spontaneous with this type of content, stories must be fun and funny! Take pleasure in playing with the features that Instagram offers, and do not analyze your publications too much. Anyway, they are only there for 24h.

now let’s boost your business.


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